Abdul Tipu defends his PhD thesis

Abdul Tipu defends his PhD thesis
Apr 06 2023 Posted: 14:49 IST

The School of Computer Science are very pleased to congratulate Abdul Tipu on defending his PhD thesis yesterday afternoon which was held over Zoom.

Abdul’s thesis is entitled “HPC IO and Seismic Data Performance Optimization using ANNs Prediction based Auto-tuning” and explored an interesting area of optimising aspects of high performance computing data input/output, relating to his work in ICHEC. His supervisor is Dr Enda Howley in the School of Computer Science.  

The external examiner for this thesis was Prof. Suren Byna, a professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Ohio State University, and formerly a Senior Computer Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. The internal examiner was our colleague Dr Michael Schukat of the School of CS. 

Well done, Abdul!