Dr Takfarinas Saber appointed to faculty

Apr 05 2022 Posted: 10:36 IST

The School of Computer Science is delighted to welcome another academic Dr Takfarinas Saber to NUI Galway and the School of Computer Science! Takfarinas, who takes up his Lecturer Above the Bar, joins us from University College Dublin where he had been working as a lecturer in the School of Computer Science. His research is in the area of complex software engineering systems, and he applies techniques from AI and Operations Research to improve their performance and trustworthiness.

Biography: He is a Funded-Investigator in Lero, the Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for Software. His area of expertise is in the optimisation of Complex Software Engineering Systems. He designs and applies novel Artificial Intelligence techniques from Machine Learning, Operations Research, and Evolutionary Computation/Learning to improve the Performance and Trustworthiness of such systems.

Previously, he has held the position of lecturer both in the School of Computing at Dublin City University (DCU) and in the School of Computer Science at Dublin City University (UCD). He has also held a Post-doctoral Researcher position at the Natural Computing Research & Applications Group at Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, UCD.

He obtained his PhD in Computer Science in 2017 from UCD, Ireland. His PhD topic is Multi-objective Optimisation of Large-Scale Data Centres. He obtained both his BSc in Computer Science and his MSc in Computer Science, track: Optimisation In Operations Research from the University of Nantes, France.