Happy Maths project receives funding from SFI Discover program

Apr 26 2023 Posted: 15:15 IST

A grant has been awarded to Dr Attracta Brennan to support the Happy Maths project.

Dr Attracta Brennan is the Co-Investigator with Dr Pierpaolo Dondio from TU Dublin on an SFI Discover programme project: “Happy Maths: Reducing Maths Anxiety with Game-based Learning”. It has budget of €201,800 over 24 months. Attracta’s contribution will fund a research assistant under her mentorship, and Attracta is also involved in programme delivery and evaluation in Galway. Other Co-PIs include Aoibhinn ni Shuilleabhain (UCD) and Denis O'Hora (School of Psychology, University of Galway). 

Happy Maths is a programme for primary schools students, teachers and parents to raise awareness about Maths Anxiety and how game-based learning can mitigate its negative effect.

Maths Anxiety is “a debilitating negative emotional reaction towards mathematics” affecting 1 in 6 students. It is more severe in girls than boys, thereby worsening the existing problem of gender inequality in STEM education.