NUIG team gets €10m to work on IT tools to help prevent pandemics

Prof Jim Duggan of the School of Computer Science in NUIG
Feb 03 2021 Posted: 12:53 GMT

A team led by an NUI Galway academic which predicted three years ago the risk of a global pandemic was “greater now than every before” has been awarded €10 million to help develop robust systems to respond to future pandemics. 

Such systems include resource-modelling tools, for example, predicting the quantity of personal protective equipment (PPE) needed or beds that would be required. This aspect of Pandem-2’s research will be led by Prof Jim Duggan of the School of Computer Science in NUIG. His team will develop a resource modelling tool, Pandem-Cap, which will be an IT dashboard for resource modelling. “It will host pandemic-relevant data from across Europe,” said Prof Duggan. “It will help pandemic managers to build capacity and develop operational strategy for any future pandemic that may arise.”

"it’s an exciting collaboration between the School of Medicine, the School of Computer Science, and the Data Science Institute, and our 18 other partners across Europe. I also like to acknowledge the contributions and roles of colleagues Paul Buitelaar and Conor Hayes, who are also working on data analytics innovations for PANDEM-2. " 

Full article available from the Irish Times

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