Below is a list of Course contacts by year for our programmes.

BSc in Computer Science & Information Technology

Programme Director Colm O’Riordan
1st Year Coordinator Josephine Griffith
2nd Year Coordinator Bharathi Raja Chakravarthi
3rd Year & Academic PEP Coordinator Karl Mason
4th Year Coordinator  Effirul Ramlan

BA with Information Technology as a subject

Programme Director Finlay Smith
1st Year Coordinator Takfarinas Saber
2nd Year Coordinator Attracta Brennan
Final Year Coordinator Malika Bendechache

HDip/MSc in Software Design & Development

Programme Directors Sam Redfern      
1st Year Coordinator Sam Redfern 
2nd Year Coordinator Jawad Manzoor 

Postgraduate Diploma in Cloud Computing and Software Development

Programme Director Owen Molloy 

Postgraduate Diploma in Cyber Security and Software Development 

Programme Director Mamoona Asghar

Postgraduate Programmes in AI, Data Analytics& Cybersecurity

MSc CS Data Analytics F/T: Programme Director Frank Glavin
MSc in CS AI P/T Online Programme Director Jamal Nasir
MSc in CS AI F/T Programme Director Matthias Nickles
MSc in CS Adaptive Cybersecurity F/T Programme Director Ihsan Ullah 

PG Dip. in Data Analytics and Visualisation

Programme Director Adrian Clear

PG Cert in AI for Professionals

Programme Director Patrick Mannion 

Other Contacts

Chair of CS & Head of School Michael Madden
Deputy Head of School Des Chambers
 Director of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion John McCrae
 Director of Education and Students Michael Schukat
 Director of Student Recruitment and Public Engagement Enda Barrett
 Director of Internationalisation  Enda Howley
Director of Research and Graduate Studies   James McDermott
Health and Safety Coordinator  Peter O'Kane
Student Welfare Advisors Enda Howley, Frank Glavin, Deirdre King, Therese McIntyre 
Technical Support Joe O'Connell, Peter O'Kane
First Aid Michael Schukat, Joe O’Connell
DISC Academic Coordinator Frank Glavin